Dude Let’s Know About Us


Hey Dude! We are Synthia Soft, We make the path to connect your dream that is why we have set our tagline “Connecting your dreams”. Yeah, We have just started our journey this January of 2020. Sounds interesting right? I know you just said yes. So let’s explore some more facts about us.


Website Customization, Optimization, and Troubleshoot

Currently Synthia Soft is helping you to customize and optimize your existing website or if you face any kind of problem to set up your new website you may keep trust in us that we will convert your imagination into visualization. Still, it sounds interesting, right? Yeah, I know.


Article Writing, Backlink Creation and SEO Service

We are helping you to write unique articles as per your demand. Also, we help to create new niche sites and managing existing niche sites. You will be great to hear that we ensure a fantastic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service for your sites. Creating Backlink is one of our major strengths, If you need to create a backlink for your sites just tell us we will help you to get perfect backlinks for your website.


Social Media Management and Creative Photo Design

I know if you are reading this either you have a social media appearance or you are planning to appear in Social Media. Social Media Cover photo creation and maintenance is one of our best skills. We do all social media maintenance and cover photo creation with love so that this matches your expectations.


WHMCS Integration, Customization, Optimization and Troubleshoot

WHMCS is one of the essential software which is used by Almost every Domain Hosting Provider all over the world, we Synthia Soft help you to integrate and customize your WHMCS for whatever you demand in your WHMCS. Also, we help to maintain your WHMCS and provide support through WHMCS.


Custom Plugin Development and API Integration

Still Sounds Interesting? Are you still want to know more about us? Okay 😀 Here I describe more. We Synthia Soft develop any custom Plugins for WordPress and WHMCS. Custom API Integration and Payment Gateway Integration for both of the platforms also for PHP based applications.


Theme and UI/UX Design for Website or Mobile App

Yeah We Synthia Soft may help you to design UI/UX Design for your Website or App.


That is all about us if you still interested to know more about us please mail us to [email protected] We would love to know your interest in us or Message our Fanpage here Synthia Soft Facebok Fanpage. Have a good time buddy.